Environmental Guild

Do you have a passion for responsible Design?

The NH Environmental Guild is an authorized committee of the AIA New Hampshire. It is a consortium of architects, builders, educators, building performance specialists, bankers, real estate brokers, and other advocates involved in design, development, funding and construction of the built environment. The Guild is the NH chapter of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE).

The Environmental Guild works in many ways to promote education and high performance practices for buildings, grounds, and communities through outreach programs such as:

Compelling Case Studies: We are developing funding opportunities to support a high-quality film of case studies that document our most energy efficient buildings. These studies will be electronically adaptable for various audiences and available for wide distribution as an educational tool in conjunction with speakers and advocates for high performance buildings and communities.

AIA+2030 Series: The Guild was part of New Hampshire's recent presentation of the AIA+2030 Series (March 2014-February 2015) and is now working on some followup programming.

AIANH 2030 & Beyond Series: In 2015 The Guild and the AIANH Board of Directors contined to drill deeper into specific topics from the AIA+2030 Series with three sessions last fall, Setting Golas, Energy Modeling and Building Blocks; Residential Building Enclosures; and Commercial Building Enclosures. We are now working on three sessions for 2017.

Northern New England AIA COTE Leadership Summit: AIA New Hampshire and the NH Environmental Guild were part of the June 15 summit in Portland, Maine, for an amazing event filled with learning, sharing, and a commitment to help advance our profession and the 2030 goals. View the video directed and edited by Conrad Dundorf and produced by John Hession (less than 5 minutes). We also have a white paper on the event. The next Northern New England COTE Leadership Summit will be hosted by the BSA and the target date is early June.

Integrated Design/Integrated Development Conferences [IDID]: 
We have built a loyal fan base by convening six inspiring conferences throughout the state since 2003. IDID workshops have featured keynote speakers such as Ed Mazria, Dayna Baumeister, John Todd, and David Orr.

Join The Guild!

This is an open invitation for those with a passion for responsible design to join the Guild. Our meetings include serious discussions of pressing environmental issues, and light-hearted musings of whatever pertinent issues are brought to the table. Chocolate and local wine samples are added incentives at some meetings. An added bonus is the ability to add to your resume, “Environmental Guild member since 2012”.

The Environmental Guild usually meets the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 at Sheldon Pennoyer Architects, 64 No. Main St., Ste 1, Concord. If you are involved in any way with building planning, construction or renovations and are interested in promoting environmentally responsible practices, please consider attending.

The Guild welcomes input from a wide spectrum of professionals. For further information, or if you wish to attend for the first time and want to check the meeting time and date, contact Sheldon Pennoyer, Chair, skp@spennoyerarchitects.com.