Why hire an architect?

Why Hire an Architect?

If you've never worked with an architect before, you likely have questions. Does your project really require an architect? What does and architect do? At what point should you involve a design team? What is it like to work with an AIA architect, and how do you get the most out of the experience?

Here you can find answers and tools to guide you. Prepare yourself for a rewarding relationship with an AIA architect. Good design makes a difference.

Value of Working with an Architect

The Value of Working with an ArchitectWhether you're dreaming of a new home or planning a complex commercial development, the key to ensuring that your vision becomes reality is the same: Involve an architect early.

Architecture involves much more than buildings. Architects take your vision and give it form, explore its possibilities, raise it to new levels, and then integrate it into your building site and the community at large. They bring not only design, but solutions. For example, buildings currently account for over 40 percent of energy conservation in the United States. Architects, using sustainable design practices, can help negate these effects. In fact, AIA members, through their Institute, have committed to making all new and renovated buildings carbon neutral by 2030.

Architects are the single participant in the building industry most capable of guiding the overall design and construction process to a successful conclusion. They respect the industry's traditions and train themselves to be masters of technology and change. An architect listens to you and serves as your advocate throughout the project.

The architect saves you money and time. By keeping abreast of the latest construction materials and technologies, architects can recommend materials and systems that fit your budget and achieve your design requirements. Your architect will make sure your project complies with building codes and will provide documents for the contractor bidding process, which should result in a fair contractor price. Construction is expedited through an architect's careful planning and complete drawings and specifications. The architect serves as your agent with the contractor, resolving disputes that may arise and analyzing additional costs the contractor proposes. Architects are also experienced in reviewing payment applications to be sure the represent work complete and/or materials stored on site.

So tap the knowledge, efficiency, environmental awareness, and brilliant design that architects bring to any project. The sooner you bring an architect on board, the more fully your vision can be realized - even exceeding your own expectations.

Information on selecting and working with an architect.

Is your architect licensed?

Is your architect licensed?Licensed by the state to practice architecture, the architect is the only professional specially trained to design the places in which people live and work and to manage all aspects of potentially complex projects from design through construction. Architects have the education, training, experience and vision to maximize your construction dollar and ease the entire design and construction process.

Licensure as an architect is the result of a special educational process, rigorous training, and completion of a complex series of exams. An architect usually has a minimum of five years of professional schooling and three years experience in the workplace before becoming eligible to take the licensing examination. Only licensed architects may use the title "architect" and their project drawings should bear the architect's seal before construction may begin. To check on the status of an architect's license in New Hampshire, contact the Joint Board of Registration at 603-271-2219 or review the roster here.