Q & A: AIANH YAF Intern/Design Competition

We have received the following questions…

Can I arrange a site visit?
Site visits were arranged at the beginning of December. If you did not make the visit, email the AIANH office to see if we can arrange another.

I was registered in 2007, so I still qualify for the competition?
To be eligible as a licensed architect you must have been registered Jan. 1, 2008, or later.

Can I register after the November 20 deadline?
Yes, we will accept late registrations. You can register up until the deadline, but the earlier you register the more it helps us to plan the jury and setting up the exhibit for the awards banquet on January 11.

The time line is quite short during a busy time a year? Can the deadline be extended?
Yes, we have extended the deadline from December 19 to December 31. We know it is a busy time of year, but we were unable to get this project organized earlier than we did, and the Awards banquet is already set for January 11. Sorry…

Is there a second floor plan?
Second floor plans have been posted on the website, as well as elevations and a site plan.

I did not attend the PlanNH charrette and was curious if anyone discussed parking. There is clearly not enough parking available for 250 guests. Did anyone propose a solution to this dilemma?
Parking information is included under the resource section of the Call for Entries.

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