High School Design Competition

Keene State College Architecture Department

AIANH, and the New Hampshire Architecture Foundation

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The AIANH High School Design Competition consists of designing a specific project, which changes every year. The program requires students to work on a theoretical project throughout the school year under the guidance of their instructors. AIANH volunteer architects visit the schools when possible to give critiques before the submissions are due. The program involves a design solution, a three-dimensional model, and a graphic plan of the project. Students have designed a Sustainable Youth Education Pavilion for a fictitious America’s Cup in Portsmouth, NH; a Sustainable Living and Innovation Center; a Performing Arts Center; a Social and Media Center; a Youth Enrichment Center dedicated to the development of alternative studies for high school students; and most recently, a Submarine History Center at Albacore Park in Portsmouth.

Objectives of the High School Design Competition program are to increase awareness of the relationships between space, human scale and function; gain experience in recognizing the various challenges in planning and designing indoor and outdoor spaces for specific uses; exercise analytical abilities and creativity in solving the problems; and gain experience in communicating planning and design ideas using scale drawings and models.

The competition gives students a fun opportunity to develop these skills and to learn about the various aspects of planning and design.

All New Hampshire high school students are encouraged to participate. Students can work individually or in teams of up to three students. Top winners receive cash awards to help with their college education.

2015 Competition

The 2015 AIANH High School Design Competition is to design a Welcome Center for Monadnock State Park in Jaffrey, NH. Teachers must register students by January 16, 2015 and projects are due April 16, 2015.

Download the 2015 program. Word Doc  |  PDF
Site plans, PDFs: Masterplan | Accessibility Toilet & Parking diagrams | Site parking
Site plans, DWG files in zip file: Masterplan and Accessibility Toiliet & Parking diagrams
Please note, the DWG Masterplan uses the “Site Parking” PDF file as an XREF. Please be sure to save this file into the same folder as the DWG Masterplan.
Photographs: Download zip fileFAQ's: answers to questions about the program

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