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The 2015 Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, will be the applicable fire code effective June 30, 2016. Note NFPA 1 remains at 2009 edition as does the IBC and other building codes.

Effective June 30, 2016 the New Hampshire Fire Code reads as follows:

Almost 9,000 Architects attended this year’s AIA National Convention in Philadelphia (and nearly 21,000 people in total). Between speeches, seminars, trade show exhibits, voting, and the business meeting, it was quite a non-stop event. As delegates we elected three Architects to national office to fill the vacancies of first vice president, secretary, and delegate- at-large for the national Board of Directors. I can attest to the quality of leadership that our national organization has attracted.

Ah, the age old saying. To me that phase recalls memories of childhood; doing some sort of chore, my father watching me as I struggle to complete it. He would let me struggle for a good bit until showing me some trick or technique that would help get the job done quicker and/or with less effort. “Work smarter, not harder” he’d say, as I wondered why he didn’t show me before, or just do it himself.